Outgoing Comparison Reports: Photos from the ingoing report appear in outgoing report

When the user has completed their outgoing condition report via the app and synced it, the report will generate on the CMS. As with existing functionality, the condition section of the report will display the conditions and comments from the most recent ingoing...

CMS version 2.4.8 is here! – Release notes

  As of the 29th of March, Victorian reports will be updated to reflect changes to minimum standards and health and safety measure, click here for further information Users can now add, delete, rearrange or rename areas and items from the HTML report editor in...

Agency Branded Tenant Assisted Inspections

Release Date 25th March   You have invested in your brand, so why not use it?   You now have the ability to use your brand and customise your Tenant Assisted Inspections with your agency logo and colour. We have added this feature so you can build trust with...

Victorian Legislation Updates

From March 29th 2021, new legislation around minimum health standards and safety conditions for Victorian rental properties will take effect. These...

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CMS version 2.4.4 is now live

CMS Version 2.4.4 is now live and includes the following updates: Resolved issue faced by some Property Tree customers where select properties and...

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CMS Release 2.4.3 is live!

CMS version 2.4.3 is now live and contains the following updates:   Updates to Tenancy ID’s for Property Tree clients Resolved issue with rent...

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Release 2.4.1 is now live!

We've released a number of new updates for CMS version 2.4.1 which includes: A completely mobile-optimised tenant experience for the clients that...

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CMS Version 2.3.9 Is Here!

Here are the latest improvements we've made to the Inspection Manager CMS:   1. Rental amounts for Property Tree clients now display to 2...

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CMS Version 2.2.4 Is Here!

In response to popular demand from our users, we've made a number of updates to our CMS designed to save you more time. CMS version 2.2.4 was...

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The Story Behind Harmony Day

Harmony Day is an annual celebration that takes place across Australia on the 21st March. It began in 1999, coinciding with the United Nations...

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What mobile devices work with the Inspection Manager app?

At the moment we have the app working really well with iPhone, which is always updated to the latest iOS updates as well. As far as the iPhone app goes, we’re really impressed with how it works well with our app, how it allows us to program it to give our app more built-in functionalities.

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Inspection Manager National Roadshow

From the 14th to the 31st of October we will be touring Australia and New Zealand as part of the Rent Roll Accelerator program with Bob Walters and Deniz Yusuf. In addition to being at the Rent Roll Accelerator Seminar Series, we will also be holding information sessions in each capital city

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Version 1.31 for Apple Devices is Now Ready!

We’ve been working hard over at Inspection Manager HQ, and we’ve got version 1.31 for Apple devices ready for release! With this release comes a number of new features and bug fixes, all of which we are very excited about.

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Inspection Manager attending LPMA

This week we will be sending 2 of our team up to the sunny Gold Coast to present at the LPMA 2013 Forum ( They will be there for the full 2 days of the conference, and will also be presenting an award at Thursday Nights Gala dinner.

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Use shortcuts to save time

Technology these days has changed our lives so much it’s hard to imagine how we “used to do it”. Saving time is just one benefit of technology. When completing your inspections with Inspection Manager, one way you can cut down your time spent is by setting up shortcuts for often repeated phrases.

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If you need support, we are here to help. Whether it is techncial support with a bug or problem, or just a helping hand to use the app, we can assist with phone and remote support, as well as phone and web based training sessions

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