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Our all-in-one platform for seamless inspections allows you to customise reports, integrate with a range of trust accounting software, and go paperless with Paperless Condition Reports. Perform video inspections, lodge maintenance issues with Bricks+Agent and perform 360° inspections with Virtual Tours Creator.

Lodge maintenance issues with Bricks+Agent

One seamless platform for signing any document.

Paperless Condition Reports

Personalise Your Reports to Match Your Brand’s Colours and Logo

With Inspection Manager, you can personalise your reports to match your brand’s colours and logos. This gives you the freedom to present a professional and consistent look for your business and make a lasting impact on your clients. Say goodbye to generic, bland reports!

Make your reports unique to your brand

Present a professional and consistent look for your business

Leave a lasting impact on clients with customized reports

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Take the first step to boost your brand awareness now with Inspection Manager. Impress your clients with customised reports that showcase your professional and consistent image. Click now to get started!

Seamless Integrations with Leading Trust Accounting Software

Inspection Manager integrates with a wide range of Trust Accounting software, making it easier for you to manage your inspections and improve your workflow. By utilising our integrations system, you’ll save time and eliminate the hassle of double and manual data entry between systems.

Improve your workflow with seamless integration

Automate data transfer to save time

Eliminate double and manual data entry hassle

Go Paperless with Paperless Conditions Reports

Say goodbye to stacks of paper and manual record-keeping. Inspection Manager allows you to complete, sign and send your ingoing condition report from your mobile device. Your tenants will complete an easy, guided, digital condition report that’s automatically returned once completed or expired.

Effortlessly share reports, promoting transparency and communication.

Get rid of stacks of paper and manual record-keeping

A digital platform for ingoing conditions reports direct from your mobile device

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Take your inspections to the next level with Inspection Manager. Sign up now and start streamlining your inspection process.

Efficient Inspection Tools 

Inspection Manager offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including the ability to lodge maintenance issues whilst completing an inspection with our Bricks+Agent Integration, 360° inspections with our Virtual Tours Creator integration, adding videos to your inspections, an iOS and Android app and even Tenant Assisted Inspections. With all of these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to manage your inspections more efficiently and effectively.

Manage inspections with ease using our suite of tools

Benefit from lodging maintenance issues, 360° inspections and more

Streamline your inspection process with comprehensive tools

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With Inspection Manager, you’ll be able to streamline your inspection process, improve the efficiency of your business, and offer a better experience for yourself as well as landlords and tenants. Don’t wait, join the Inspection Manager community today and take the first step towards a better future for your inspections.

Bring simplicity to your day with a streamlined inspection process

Upgrade your efficiency and create memorable experiences

Offer a better experience for yourself as well as landlords and tenants