What mobile devices work with the Inspection Manager app?

Dec 12, 2014About the Product, Android App, Iphone App1 comment

At the moment we have the app working really well with iPhone, which is always updated to the latest iOS updates as well. As far as the iPhone app goes, we’re really impressed with how it works well with our app, how it allows us to program it to give our app more built-in functionalities. With an iPhone-compatible app users can of course use it on an iPad or iPad mini. We often recommend using tablet devices because it’s a little bit bigger making it more comfortable for property managers to use our app. We are also currently developing an Android-based app for Android devices and tablets. We are also looking into other operating systems as well such as Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Release if these versions is about 6-12 months away depending on user demand. For the meantime, property managers can get the best of what our app has to offer using their Apple devices. The next part of our series talks about what happens if you are on offline mode, will the inspection manager still work? Find out the answer to that next week.