Revolutionising Property Management: Inspection Manager Joins Proptech Labs

In an exciting development for property management professionals, Inspection Manager has become a part of Proptech Labs. Proptech Labs was launched in conjunction with the recent Bricks + Agent acquisition of Inspection Manager. Proptech Lab’s aim is to be the leading software development group dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction. This integration brings together three powerful products, including Bricks + Agent Inspection Manager and Invoice Automate to create a comprehensive all-in-one solution that revolutionises property management processes. With increased resources and expertise, Proptech Labs promises enhanced efficiencies and streamlined operations for businesses.

Benefits of the Integration:

1. Optimised Resources and Technology:

By combining the strengths of Bricks + Agent, Invoice Automate and Inspection Manager, Proptech Labs offers an unparalleled range of powerful tools designed to optimise resources and technology. These tools enable property management professionals to streamline their operations, automate manual tasks and improve overall productivity. With Proptech Labs, you can access a suite of cutting-edge software applications tailored to your specific needs.

2. Streamlined Processes and Faster Operations:

Proptech Labs understands the importance of efficiency in property management. With the integration of three industry-leading products, businesses can expect streamlined processes and faster operations. From maintenance requests and inspections to invoicing and financial management, the unified solution eliminates redundant steps, minimises paperwork and facilitates seamless collaboration among teams. This ensures quicker response times, improved tenant satisfaction and increased profitability.

3. Enhanced Customer Support:

At Proptech Labs, customer satisfaction is our top priority. With the consolidation of three products and the combined expertise of our teams, we are able to allocate more resources to provide dedicated support and assistance to our valued customers. You can expect timely and reliable customer service including technical support, training and continuous updates and improvements to our software. Our goal is to ensure you have a positive experience and receive the necessary support to maximise the benefits of our software solutions.

Continuing as the Same Business with More Staff:

Proptech Labs will remain committed to maintaining the same high standards and level of service you have come to expect from Inspection Manager. As becoming a combined business under Proptech Labs, this will not change the core values, mission or functionality of the business; instead, it amplifies our capabilities. With additional staff and expertise, we can further enhance our software offerings, develop innovative features and deliver even greater value to our customers.


With an all-in-one platform that leverages the strengths of Bricks + Agent, Invoice Automate and Inspection Manager, Proptech Labs is set to revolutionise the way property management professionals operate. Expect optimised resources, streamlined processes, faster operations and enhanced customer support from the same trusted brand. Embrace this new era of property management technology and unlock greater efficiencies for your business.

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