What Key Points Should You Consider When Shopping for Property Inspection Software?

Dec 23, 2014About the Product0 comments

When shopping for property inspection software to improve your business process, there are a lot of points that you need to consider. Your unique business needs will help you identify which key points to focus on prior to any inspection software purchase. You don’t want to end up buying the app that doesn’t contain the features crucial to your daily operations. Having a checklist of features that you are looking for in a property inspection software will prove immensely useful.  For instance, you may decide that price, complexity, and the output are the main elements you want to consider before you buy. Most property inspection software providers claim that they could improve your system’s efficiency, save your resources (time and money) and enhance your company’s image. Don’t fall for these marketing ploys; examine these key points to ensure a smarter choice:

  1. Complexity of the Software/App – Imagine how the sales manager, the admin, or the general manager will use the property inspection software. Take the perspective of the salesperson, go through the features and understand how each function can work to your advantage, i.e. efficiently and quickly do inspections, record conditions, add comments, photos and concerns, etc. Keep asking:  will this software simplify my staff’s work? Can technologically-challenged users learn it quickly? Include the training fees in the calculation.
  2. Output Quality – Check the quality of their output prior to any purchase. Free trials or demos are excellent ways to gauge the software’s performance. Carefully observe how quick and efficient the app can generate professional and accurate reports. Inspection reports must meet all legislative requirements in your state/territory and these reports should be created in a timely fashion and of the highest quality. Impeccable property reports have a great potential to turn prospective buyers into loyal clients and word-of-mouth champions.
  3. Implementation Cost (Short-term and Long-term) – As a business-owner, you would be looking at the cost of training your staff on the use of new property inspector software. Assess the technological aptitude of your staff and decide which software suits them best. A wise businessman would look at the big picture, sizing up the long-term cost of using a particular inspection app. Calculate long-term savings in time and money before deciding to buy any inspection app.

The above points cover property apps in general, but there are some apps that can be customised to suit particular needs. In cases like that, it is best to consult with the applications vendor first before choosing one.