The Best Ways to Stay Connected With Your Tenants as a Property Manager

Staying connected with your tenants and building a trusting relationship is key to having better tenants, maintaining well-kept rental properties and being updated with any issues/problems on a rental property right away.

Kelly, a Property Manager from LJ Hooker says “The best way to maintain well-kept rental properties with minimal issues is to form more trusting and better relationships with your tenants. Staying connected with check-in messages or calls to tenants is one step closer to a more transparent relationship.”

Here are 3 ways to stay connected with your tenants:

Emailing your tenants:

It’s the worst feeling when you attend a property for an outgoing inspection of the condition and there are damaged areas in the bathroom – a broken tap, a leaking toilet and the list goes on. By sending out email check-ins with your tenants you can stay up to date with any issues straight away and stay connected! Inspection Manager’s email templates allows you to either choose a default email already created for you or create a personalised email tailored to you, so it’s easier to send these emails without adding too much time into your day!

Maintenance requests:

One of the major fallbacks in not having a transparent relationship with your tenants is being unresponsive. With all the demands on your time, sometimes things can fall through the cracks and tenants and maintenance issues can be forgotten. Having software that gives tenants the ability to lodge maintenance requests is one step closer to a trusting relationship and staying connected with your tenants.

As a property manager you can then capture maintenance issues from within the updated Inspection Manager and sync these directly back into your Bricks + Agent (Maintenance Plus for our Property Tree users) Dashboard further streamlining your business and staying connected with your tenants.

Sending updates to tenants so they are in the loop:

To form a stronger relationship and staying connected with your tenants, it’s important to send them friendly reminders and updates on upcoming inspections or inspections that have just been completed on their property. Courtesy emails will lead to better communication and honesty between you and your tenant. Inspection Manager’s customisable e-Card allows you to auto-send your tenants an email when you have completed a routine inspection, further boosting the service you deliver and allowing you to stay connected.

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