About Us

Inspection Manager is more than just another app on the Appstore. There’s a whole team and plenty of stories that go with it! Learn more about us below, but also connect with our blog and social media profiles so you can keep up to date with what’s happening.

Our Story

Starting as an idea in late 2010, Inspection Manager has since grown to be a market leader in the Real Estate Tech space, helping thousands of Property Managers to streamline their workflows every day!


How we started

Inspection Manager was started by Insight, an IT & Telephony company that manages all technology services for over 300 different companies in the SME space.


The problem

46% of those supported companies were in the Real Estate space, so as a team, we aren’t just familiar with the IT issues, but all of the different pain points in the business. Like any great business, there’s always one great “idea’s” person who comes up with solutions for their clients problems.

The Solution

Inspection Manager was the solution for all of the issues we heard, things like “I can’t get these comments to line up in my word processor”, “I can’t get the photos off of the digital camera”, “I’ve just spent 2 hours typing up a report and now it’s gone!” We wanted to remove the need to juggle the clipboard and digital camera (not to mention the handbag, portfolio, phone and any other items), remove the need to get the photos off the camera and into the report, and remove the need to retype all of those handwritten comments you scribbled onto paper based inspection forms, so we can cut down your admin time, and cut down the disputes, because now everything is recorded and timestamped while you are onsite at the property – so you can’t accidentally add the wrong photos to a report anymore either! I know – we’re excited too!

Our Technology

Inspection Manager is backed by a team with strong technical backgrounds. Basically – lots of geeks and nerds! So we don’t just know what we want, we know how we want it, where we want it, when we want it (yesterday of course!) and of course we always make sure we’re evolving and changing constantly. We don’t like to give the dust a chance to settle on anything! <The Geek Stuff> We’ve chosen to host our dedicated servers in the AWS facilities in Sydney. It gives us Tier 1 access to the data, it’s in the APAC region, it’s hosted in one of the most secure facilities in the world, and we’ve got a team on standby 24/7/365 to step in if something happens to the hardware. The CMS is written in .NET – and our team are always looking to improve it and tweak things to make it an even better experience.


If you need support, we are here to help. Whether it is techncial support with a bug or problem, or just a helping hand to use the app, we can assist with phone and remote support, as well as phone and web based training sessions.

Meet Our Team


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