We have recently released new CMS updates designed to enhance your experience of Inspection Manager and our Paperless Ingoings feature:


• Preview link is now available for inspections in completed status – If you are an NSW office using our Paperless Ingoings you can now generate a link to send to your tenants with their copy of the lease while the report is in “Completed” status. Once the tenants take possession of the property, you can then send them an editable copy of the report. 



• Bug fixes and improvements – issues resolved for signature dates on reports and for smart search bar while the CMS page is loading 


We were also made aware of an issue affecting the speed of the Inspection Manager website (CMS) for a short time on Saturday mornings, this has now been resolved and we will continue to monitor it.


If you would like more information on these latest CMS updates, feel free to contact our support team.

We will be releasing our next App updates very soon, which will include these improvements to our Paperless Ingoing system:


• Option to do a remote key pickup – removing the tenant signature requirement if there is no in-person key handover


• Removal of text message verification requirement 


To get early access to our next app updates, you can sign up to our beta program here and we’ll be in touch to confirm next steps.