How to conduct safer routine inspections during COVID-19 outbreak

How to conduct safer routine inspections during COVID-19 outbreak

With the continued rise of coronavirus cases in Australia, we at Inspection Manager want to do what we can to protect your health as a property manager, so when it comes to routine inspections, how do you limit potential exposure to the virus while still doing your job well?

We have two suggested approaches: firstly a hazard reduction strategy, to do this:

  • Ask tenants to confirm whether they or anyone they know, may have been exposed to the coronavirus in the past four-ten days.
  • Make sure to wear a P2 face mask while completing inspections.
  • Schedule inspections for when tenants are not at home, or request that they remain distant while performing the inspection.
  • Ask tenants to leave windows open to allow for fresh air to circulate before and during the inspection.
  • Ask tenants to disinfect services prior to you attending their property.
  • When carrying out inspections, use our talk to text quick capture and video features to reduce the amount of time spent at the property, this way you can capture more detail and speed up the time on-site.

The second strategy, which may be more suitable at this time, is a Tenant Assisted Inspection, to do this: 

  • Conduct a drive-by inspection to assess the external condition of the property.
  • Ask tenants to send you photos and videos showing the condition of internal areas and any maintenance concerns.
  • Once recedes you can then easily add these photos and videos to your routine inspection by the inspection manager CMS or app, then send the completed reports to landlords.

We have created a how-to document for tenant assisted inspections which you can download, or speak with a member of our support team if you would like more info on how to complete these.

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