CMS Version is here – changes to Property Tree statuses

Jan 11, 2021CMS0 comments

CMS version is live and includes a change only relevant for Property Tree users. More details below:


  • For Property Tree users ONLY – Only inspections with a confirmed status will be synced to Inspection Manager via Property Tree integration


We have reverted a recent change that allowed non-confirmed inspections (ie. inspections with a status of tentative, proposed or scheduled) in Property Tree to sync to Inspection Manager.


This change was originally made after users reported missing inspections on their device because a status had not been updated in Property Tree. As a result the user would have to update and resync that inspection or create a new inspection from within Inspection Manager.


However, we have since had comments from customers that receiving non-confirmed inspections means that if an inspection is created in tentative status then cancelled for any reason, it will create an orphaned inspection that no longer exists in Property Tree and a potential build-up of incorrect information in Inspection Manager.


Data hygiene is incredibly important to our integration with Property Tree so having weighed the potential impact of both issues we have made the decision to revert this functionality. As a result Inspection Manager will only sync inspections with a confirmed status as it did originally.


We apologise to anyone that was inconvenienced by the change that was made, and to the users that preferred the change that was made. We will continue to listen to the feedback we get from our users and strive to make the best decisions according to the information that is available to us. We will also continue to look for ways to improve the Property Tree integration as well as the wider Inspection Manager product.