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Branded Tenant Assisted Inspection

Branded Paperless Ingoing Reports

Branded Utility Connections

Are you ready to improve your inspections?

A complete solution designed to make you more productive

Amplify your brand

Customise your reports to suit your brand and colours

Digitally sign

Tenants can complete and sign their check-in reports digitally

Cloning tool

Clone inspection data
from a similar property

Inspection reports

Ingoing/Outgoing and Routine inspection reports 

Last Inspection Data

Re-use your last
inspection data

Highlighter tool

Highlighter Tool
via report editing

Predictive Phrasing

Inspections loaded with a bank of phrases to save you even more time

Quick Capture Camera

Take rapid photos in
quick succession

Merge Inspection

Two people can inspect the
same property & Merge Inspections


Customisable, layouts, reports and predictive phrases 

Snap & Tag

Snap and tag directly on
areas of concern

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