Updates to Inspection Manager – May Release

Bulk Close & Send Routine Inspections

Did you know you can save yourself even more time with our bulk close and send routine inspections feature?

This allows you to bulk close and send routine inspections without the hassle of individually closing and signing each inspection plus selecting the tenant.

Save Closed Inspection Reports Back to Property Me

Avoid double handling and save even more time as your closed reports will be saved back to Property Me in real time via the integration sync. The status on Property Me will also be updated according to the status on Inspection Manager.

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What is Inspection Manager?

Are you making the most of our Digital Leases Integration with Property Space?Want to learn more about Inspection Manager? Book Refresher...

Sep 15, 2022

Property Tree Notes Sync

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Jul 21, 2022

Highlighter Feature

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Jul 21, 2022