From March 29th 2021, new legislation around minimum health standards and safety conditions for Victorian rental properties will take effect. These new fields will appear entirely in the utilities section of the app and report and are only relevant to the Ingoing Condition Report. The changes will be made on the evening of the 28th to take effect on the 29th, all inspections that are not closed off prior to the evening of the 28th will take the new format when the update is made.


The new fields are: 



    • A telephone line is connected to the rented premises  
    • An internet line is connected to the rented premises 
    • The rented premises is connected to the national broadband network (NBN)  
    • Location of NBN connection in the rented premises 


Information regarding safety 

    • Date of last smoke alarm test
    • Date of last electrical safety check test
    • Date of last gas safety check
    • Date of last swimming pool barrier compliance check 


New utilities page will look as follows (New items outlined in red):