New Enhancements to the IM App

Here at Inspection Manager we believe in constant improvement. In response to user suggestions, we’ve been working on several updates to the IM app that will help you complete inspections in record time, keep track of your progress and add more detail to your condition reports.

Optimised predictive phrasing

You can now find shortcut codes at the end of predictive phrases. Use them for faster access to the predictive phrase you’re looking for. We’ve also increased the font size of the predictive phrases so it’s easier to read.

Added swipe functions to edit items

For all ingoing and outgoing reports, you can now edit “items” in each room by swiping on them. You have the option to rename or delete items with a half swipe. Or you can automatically delete items with a full swipe.

New photo information bar and inspection timer 

Keep track of your progress with the photo information bar and inspection timer, found at the top of your app screen. The photo information bar shows the total number of photos you have taken and the number of photos available under your plan. The inspection timer allows you to check how long your current inspection is taking.

Keep your eye out for these updates which will be released this December.

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