Inspection Manager is built for property managers to replace a manual and tedious function. Typically, property managers use paper, pen, and a digital camera to do their tasks, which often results to a lot of double-handling of information. They would have to go out into the property, complete the inspection, take photos, and return to their office and type out those notes. Then, they would have to go through the photos taken, try to remember where they were taken and what they were trying to highlight in those photos like marks on the wall that are not very clear when seen on the computer screen. It is a very time-consuming process.Not only do they have to complete the inspection but they also have to fill in reports. That’s where the Inspection Manager app comes in. Essentially, we streamlined that process for property managers who use Inspection Manager from their phone or tablets while they’re onsite. With our app, they can capture all the comments, the conditions, and photos with comments on it in an organized manner. When they leave the property, they have basically finished the report because they have already captured everything in the device. All that needs to be done is sync it via the CMS and it’s ready to go. Bu using our app, they have cut out a significant portion of the manual process. Now they won’t have to go back to the office and rewrite everything, which is prone to errors especially if someone else were to do the report. The app ensures that they have all the accurate information in a short amount of time thus increasing productivity. We hope this answered your question. In the next part of our series we will be talking about how exactly Inspection Manager works. For further questions not covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.