Pre-Holiday Checklist For Property Managers

Aren’t you glad it’s almost Christmas? But as a property manager, you probably have a lot to do before you can start thinking about the holidays. So we’ve created a pre-holiday checklist to help you find calm in the chaos. 

Announce a holiday closing 

The last thing you want while you are enjoying your holiday vacation is work-related calls and emails. An out-of-the-office message sets clear boundaries and stops people from expecting to receive an immediate response while you’re on holiday. Communicate your future office closure and reduced hours by sending out a dedicated “Happy Holidays” email to your property owner, suppliers, and staff. Update your website, Google Business, and social media opening hours as well for people checking online. Make sure to provide all the relevant emergency and maintenance contacts in case something goes wrong while you’re away. 

Remind them about safety and security 

As a property manager, making sure your rental properties and tenants are safe is always top of mind. Before going on holiday vacation, remind your residents about your property’s and city’s ruling on outdoor barbequing, overnight guest policy, and fireworks. Ensure that everyone knows the emergency evacuation plan and that emergency exits are known and visible – just in case a NYE party gets out of control. 

Get maintenance done before the holidays 

You can avoid becoming overwhelmed by maintenance requests during the holidays by preparing in advance. Call your tenants for outstanding maintenance requests and advise them to contact you for any future request a few weeks before the holidays.  

Dealing with maintenance issues before the holiday hits means it’s one less thing your tenants have to worry about – keeping them in a good mood while you are away from the office.  

Pay your owners and suppliers 

Always keep in mind the days that you will be away and make sure that you pay your owners and suppliers ahead of time or have someone do it for you when you go on holidays. 

Promote health and wellness 

Remind your tenants that promoting personal health is the best way to protect others around them from getting sick. Promote hand washing, social distancing, and encourage better food hygiene either through email reminders or posted signage.  

Give back this holiday season 

As you can imagine, this year’s holidays is going to be quite different because of the pandemic. But this is still the season for sharing, generosity, and appreciation! Start the holiday cheer with your team, owners and tenants by sending them cards and gifts . Nothing beats home-baked biscuits for snack time at the office. As with your tenants, a simple gift such as a 9V battery for their smoke detectors is always appreciated.  

Take care of yourself 

Yes, you! After giving back to other people, it is time to give yourself a well-deserved R&R. Given the restrictions presented by the pandemic, travelling isn’t the best option to spend your holiday vacation. Perhaps you need to give yourself a long bath, have stay-at-home movie night with loved ones, cook or bake something you’ve been wanting to try, or get that outfit you’ve been eyeing in the window on your way to work. There is nothing too small or off limits when it comes to rewarding yourself because you deserve it. 


There you have it! By planning as early as now, you can forget about your to-do’s and enjoy your holiday without worries.  

How will you spend your 2020 holiday season? We’d love to know! Follow us on Facebook and share your ideas with your fellow property managers. 

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