Inspection Manager CMS version 2.4.6 is now live and includes the following updates:


• Outgoing comparison reports – make comparison easier than ever by seeing conditions and comments from the ingoing side by side with your conditions and comments from the outgoing inspection on your final outgoing report. Users who have enabled our Paperless Condition Reports will also see tenant conditions and comments from the ingoing inspection


• Increased photo limits – We have increased the photo limits for all users from 400 to 1000 completely free of charge. This has already been activated for all users


• Edit the entire report at once with autosave capability – Sections of the report will no longer lock, allowing you to make all your edits at once. Your changes will now autosave as well to prevent you from losing your changes if something goes wrong


• Improvements to attachments on emails to tenants containing link for Paperless Ingoing Condition Reports


• Improved detail on audit trail for users with paperless condition reports activated


• Bug fixes and other improvements