Pre-Holiday Checklist For Property Managers

Nov 7, 2019Industry Tips0 comments

You’ve made it to the end of the year! It’s almost time for a well-deserved break over Christmas. But before you switch off from work for the rest of the year, check that you have ticked these tasks off your list first:   


1. Keep up with rental arrears 

Agencies often see a rise in arrears before Christmas, stay in control by contacting every tenant whose rent is late – even if they’re just one day behind. 


2. Contact high-priority clients  

Reach out to high-priority clients to settle any important matters before you become unavailable. This can help strengthen your client relationships by showing them that you care.


3. Reschedule any routine inspections 

Check that you don’t have any routine inspections scheduled when you’re on holiday break. If you do, reschedule them to a date that suits you or find a colleague to cover for you. 


4. Keep owners and tenants informed 

Make sure your owners and tenants are aware of office closure dates, who to contact in case of emergencies and what constitutes as a real emergency


5. Set up out-of-office messages 

Don’t forget to set up an automatic reply to emails and phone calls that come through during the holiday period.  


6. Add lots of notes 

Write detailed notes on all your files so that anyone who helps with your portfolio knows exactly where things are at. 


7. Leave a list of passwords 

Give the colleague who is covering for you a list of important passwords to accounts they may need to access to do work on your behalf.  


8. Archive emails and save drafts 

Start the new year with an uncluttered inbox by archiving the emails you’ve already dealt with. Make sure you save to drafts any emails you plan to send later.


9. Make a to-do list 

Write down all the tasks you need to complete before you leave on holiday. It’s a good idea to also create a to-do list for the top things that need to be done when you get back. 


10. Say Thank You 

Show your appreciation for colleagues who are working through the holiday break. Thank them for helping fill in for you – even shout them a coffee or take them out to lunch.  


With a little preparation, you can enjoy a proper break without taking work with you. Have a pre-holiday checklist of your own? Help your fellow property managers by sharing it on our Facebook page!