Time-Saving Features for Routine Inspections

Here are some Time-Saving Features for Routine Inspections

Today I’m gonna be showing you some really useful tools on the inspection manager app, this will speed up the inspection time and make your inspections more comprehensive.

One feature we have available is our video inspections, this will give the owner a sense of how the property looks without needing to attend the inspection. It’s also great to highlight any areas of concern, it looks like there’s some settlement cracks here that have gotten bigger from the last inspection.

The talk to text function is a really good way to report complex issues at the property. At my ingoing I’m gonna do a comment and a photo of the wall first, I’ll add the conditions and I’ll market this damaged, then I’ll take a few photos. I can then directly add a comment to the photo, the great thing is that comment will appear next to the photo and your final report, in my comment here I’m gonna use some talk to text: there are some scuff marks and paint chips to the wall caused by the previous tenants furniture, this will be repainted by the owner prior to the start of the tenancy. You can use the talk to text function in any part of the app to make comments, this really helps you speed up the inspection time.

When taking photos through the app, I’ve got two options, I can take a photo and then a prompt will come up asking me to comment on the photo, that’s really useful if you need to report any repairs or damage, we’ve introduced a faster way to do this so if you want to take quick succession rapid-fire photos, simply tap on the camera and turn on the quick capture option that will allow you to take photos a lot faster and it’s that simple.

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