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Branded Paperless Ingoing Reports

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Branded Tenant Assisted Inspection

Paperless Condition Reports

Complete, sign and send your ingoing condition report from your mobile device. 

Your tenants will complete an easy, guided, digital condition report that’s automatically returned once completed or expired.

No additional fee for paid Inspection Manager

Minimise printing

Digital signature

Digital key sheet

Receive tenancy documents

Remote key pickup option

Automated reminders to tenants

No app download required for tenants

Complete report automatically returned

Tenants complete report on mobile

Send your ingoing inspection from your device

Customised branding of tenant experience

Automatically added to outgoing reports for comparison

Custom Branded Reports

Completely customised with your logo and colours, our reports are prepared for ingoing, outgoing and routine inspections for each state!

No additional fee for paid Inspection Manager plans!

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Tenant Assisted Inspections

Your routine inspections don’t have to stop with COVID-19

No additional fee for paid Inspection Manager plans!

Use your brand

Customise your Tenant Assisted Inspections with your agency logo and colour. We have added this feature so you can build trust with your tenants by letting them feel as if they are interacting directly with you.

COVID-19 Safe

With our Tenant Assisted Inspections feature, you can show landlords and tenants that you are still being proactive in your role as a property manager. You will be able to meet their needs and keep yourself, them and everyone around you safe from unnecessary exposure. 

Perform inspections at any time

Sometimes things get in the way of your day-to-day activities. For example, if you’re sick and cannot find someone to cover you, scheduled routine inspections can still be done on time with the help of our Tenant Assisted Inspections feature.

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