6 Tips To Help Property Managers Maintain a Work-life Balance

Property managers, do you feel like your work is always following you wherever you go? Even when you’re not physically taking your work home with you, it’s always on your mind 24/7. Work-life balance is a common struggle for property managers and a lack of boundaries often leads to burnout.  

To help you function at your best, here are some effective ways to maintain a work-life balance: 

1. Educate your landlords and tenants 

At the start of each relationship, make sure that your tenants and landlords are aware of your availability during business hours. Inform them that if they call you after-hours, you will respond the next business day during work hours. By saying nothing, your tenants and landlords will assume that you’re available 24/7 making it harder to maintain a work-life balance.   

2. Deal with the big issue before you go home 

When a big issue is left unresolved, you may find it hard to focus on unrelated work activities and your mind may still be at the office even after you are back home. Dealing with the issue before you leave work will allow you to fully relax and enjoy time with loved ones, making it easier to maintain work-life balance.    

3. Create your next day’s to-do list  

Before you head home, a great tip is to write down everything you need to do for the next day. Having a to-do list ready the next morning helps you stay prepared and ease any unnecessary stress. You won’t have to rely on your memory and risk forgetting about an important tasks bettering your work-life balance.     

4. Assign after-hour calls to your tradespeople 

Choose tradespeople who are willing to take after hour calls for urgent issues. Inform your tenants and landlords about your after-hour policy so that they don’t bother the tradespeople with trivial issues after hours. This will better your productivity for work the next day as you will less likely be contacted after hours.

5. Use an effective phone message for after-hours 

Set a message to inform and instruct the caller, so you don’t need to be taking calls after-hours. Your after-hours phone message should let people know that you will return their call on the next business day, and if it’s an urgent repair to call your tradespeople. This will better your work-life balance as you have made it clear to tenants and landlords when to contact you. 

6. Switch off your work phone! 

If you have tradespeople to deal with repairs issues after-hours and you have an effective phone message, why would you need to leave your work phone on when you are back at home? Just the very thought that you could be disturbed by a work-related call can cause stress. So, switch off your work phone and enjoy your time outside of work! 

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