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What our customers have to say:

Danielle Antonello

Inspection Manager is the best system we have invested in!  Since using their system, it has increased our efficiency as a team by 100% in relation to vacates, entries and routines. Our investors love their reports! Our property managers couldn’t live without Inspection Manager as it allows us to have full transparency with the owners and tenants. 

Danielle Antonello
Monica Touma

Inspection Manager has truly made the life of a Property Manger so much easier. Not only has it helped with capturing the true condition of a property, it is easy to navigate, sync and send reports. The Inspection Manager is an excellent app for high-quality templates used for reporting the condition of a property and cannot imagine conducting my daily roles without it.

Monica Touma
Chris Lane

Best inspection app used by far. The support is also excellent. Thanks to all the staff

Chris Lane
Emily Jaworek

The Tenant Assisted Inspection is a very clever idea to get tenants involved in routine inspections. The admin set up is easy and tenants have had no troubles with using the link to complete their routine inspections during Covid – 19.

Emily Jaworek
Chantaelle Weber

Highly recommended, support team go above and beyond, big shout out to Andrew for your great support!! Great tenant assist options working well for our agency. 5 Stars from Harcourts Your Place – St Marys!!

Chantaelle Weber
Tegan Kingham

Best inspection app – The tenant assisted inspections have been great for our team throughout these difficult times. I highly recommend!

Tegan Kingham


Paperless Conditions Reports

We have been hard at work building a completely paperless solution for your property condition reports and are proud to announce that it is now available for use.

Sign and send

Now you can complete, sign and send your ingoing condition report direct from your mobile device and have your tenants complete an easy, guided, digital condition report that’s automatically returned to you when they sign off from their device


Branded, guided digital reports

Best of all, the tenant’s experience is completely custom branded and white labelled, so your brand is always front and center, building trust between your business and the tenant from the first interaction with the platform.

Reports automatically returned

We send reminders to tenants when their condition report is due back. If the tenant does not complete it within the allotted time, we will automatically close the report off in the CMS and send a final copy of the report to both you and the tenant.

Extend the Power of IM

Inspection Manager integrates seamlessly with a range of trust accounting and other software providers to make your job easier, minimising double and manual data entry!


Tenant Assisted Inspections

Your routine inspections don’t have to stop with COVID-19


Use your brand

Customise your Tenant Assisted Inspections with your agency logo and colour. We have added this feature so you can build trust with your tenants by letting them feel as if they are interacting directly with you.

COVID-19 Safe

With our Tenant Assisted Inspections feature, you can show landlords and tenants that you are still being proactive in your role as a property manager. You will be able to meet their needs and keep yourself, them and everyone around you safe from unnecessary exposure. 

Perform inspections at any time

Sometimes things get in the way of your day-to-day activities. For example, if you’re sick and cannot find someone to cover you, scheduled routine inspections can still be done on time with the help of our Tenant Assisted Inspections feature.

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