To make your life easier, Inspection Manager has created an in-built email system within our CMS. This allows you to send emails directly to landlords and tenants without having to open other programs. To use our Paperless Condition Reports or Tenant Assisted Inspections, you need to make sure the in-built email system is properly set up on your account. That means checking that the Email function is Enabled in the CMS Settings (done by an office manager) and updating your SPF records.


What do SPF records have to do with this?

SPF Records are important as they allow Inspection Manager to send emails on your behalf without being caught in the recipient’s junk mail. By adding these records to your DNS, when the recipient’s mail server checks where it has come from, it will verify that Inspection Manager is authorised and allow your email into their inbox.  

How do I get them added? 

It’s really simple for your IT department. We’ve prepared a PDF that you can forward on to them for us, then just let us know when it’s been completed. You can find the PDF here