Report Editing System

Our new Report Editing System is here!

Welcome to the inspection manager Report Editing System. Now you’ll be able to edit your reports while you preview them, then finalize and send them instantly.

With the new system, when you select “Preview” from the drop down menu of your inspection, it will bring up a preview of your final report. You’ll see a control panel at the top of the page with two options; to either edit, or close the inspection.

  • If there’s something in your report that you’d like to change, just click the green edit button.  Now you’ll be able to click and edit any section of that page that doesn’t have a padlock on it.
  • If you’re done making changes, click the green “Save” button on the control panel to confirm them.
  • If you make a mistake and edit the wrong field accidentally, you can use the undo/redo buttons to undo, or restore your previous changes, as long as you haven’t already saved them.
  • If you’re happy with all the changes you’ve made, and you’re ready to finalize print or send your report, you’ll need to close it by clicking the black “Close Inspection” button on the control panel.
  • Check your signature, and the inspection dates just like you do when you close an inspection now.
  • You can click email now to send your landlords a copy of the closed inspection, when it’s finalized you’ll be prompted to confirm all of the details and choose one of your templates to use.
  • Once it’s closed, you’ll have the option to download it, print it or reopen it, using the control panel, you can click the blue button at the top of your screen to move to your next inspection, or click the red close button to close the window and return to the website.

Everything happens from this one screen, it’s just that easy! if you have any questions about the new system, or you’re finding it hard to use, our support team are here to help, we promise when you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Good luck! we hope you enjoy the new system.

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