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Paperless Condition Reports:

Say no more to Paper reports as you can complete, sign and send your ingoing condition report straight from your mobile device.  

Your tenants will complete an easy, guided, digital condition report that’s automatically returned once completed or expired.

Tenant Assisted Inspection:

Our Tenant Assisted Inspections feature allows you to stay on track with your routine inspections when you can’t physically attend a property.

Lodge Maintenance Issues with Bricks+Agent

Do you struggle with unexpected maintenance issues popping up? With Bricks+Agent, say goodbye to scrambling to fix unexpected problems at the last minute. Our one-tap maintenance reporting feature is designed to help you stay ahead of maintenance problems before they become bigger problems.

Are you making the most of these 3 features?

Last Inspection Data

Copy conditions, comments and/or photos from a closed Inspection to compare the previous state of a property while onsite. Easily see what’s changed and what was there already.

Clone Inspection

Completing multiple similar inspections? Clone/copy the conditions, comments and layout of an inspection from one property to another property and then just edit any small differences.

Merge Inspection

Someone helping you complete that inspection? You can perform an inspection of a single property on 2 devices and then merge them via the CMS to create a single completed inspection. Especially useful for those big ingoings!

Extend the Power of IM

Inspection Manager integrates seamlessly with a range of trust accounting and other software providers to make your job easier, minimising double and manual data entry!