Lodge Maintenance Issues with Bricks+Agent

Do you struggle with unexpected maintenance issues popping up? With Bricks+Agent, say goodbye to scrambling to fix unexpected problems at the last minute. Our one-tap maintenance reporting feature is designed to help you stay ahead of maintenance problems before they become bigger problems.

Streamline Your Maintenance Process

Manage maintenance with Bricks+Agent.

Report issues via Inspection Manager App.

Issues auto-sent to Bricks+Agent dashboard.

Streamline your maintenance reporting process

Enjoy a proactive approach to maintenance

Our Bricks+Agent integration provides access to the maintenance issues feature, which allows you to capture any maintenance issues identified while completing your inspections within the Inspection Manager App. The issues are then sent automatically back to your Bricks+Agent dashboard for actioning, saving you time and effort.

See Bricks+Agent In Action

Check out our video to see how Bricks+Agent can help you stay ahead of maintenance problems and streamline your maintenance reporting process.

Say Goodbye to Surprises

By using Bricks+Agent, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

Proactive maintenance management:

Identify and report maintenance issues before they become bigger problems.

Improved communication:

Our one-tap reporting feature ensures that issues are reported accurately and quickly, enabling prompt actioning by your team.

Streamlined maintenance process:

Our Bricks+Agent integration eliminates the need for manual reporting, saving you time and effort.

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