By submitting details through the Inspection Manager Referral Program Form you are confirming that you (referrer) agree to be bound by the below terms and conditions of this program in their entirety. You also acknowledge that you have the appropriate permissions to share or pass on the details of your personal connection (referee).  

1. The Program
The Inspection Manager Referral Program
  1. This Program was launched on 19th April 2022  
  2. This Program exists to reward you for passing on the details of individuals or agencies who may benefit from the services of Inspection Manager. 
  3. To be eligible, all referrals should be submitted via the form found at 
  4. A referrer can be anyone who works for a business/agency that has an active Inspection Manager Subscription. 
  5. There are no limits to the number of referrals a referrer can submit, however the referrer should only submit those referees where a reasonable need or interest would exist 
  6. Credits will only apply once per account/agency signup – multiple referrals for the same agency will only be paid once. 
  7. Referral credits will be paid based on the first submission (by submission date and time).  
  8. Referrals are not valid where referrer and referee are one and the same person nor where referrer and referee work for the same business/agency. 
  9. A valid referee is one who is not currently using or trialing an Inspection Manager product. 
2. The Process
The Inspection Manager Referral Program Sequence of Events
  1. The Referrer should submit the details of a relevant referee through the Inspection Manager Referral form noted above 
  2. An Inspection Manager team member will qualify the details and contact the referee to arrange a demonstration of the product 
  3. To be eligible for This Program and the associated credits, the referee must become an active Inspection Manager subscriber within 4 months of the submission date of the referral 
  4. The credit will be applied to the active Inspection Manager subscription account of the referrer within 30 days of the referee being an active subscriber of the Inspection Manager product.  
  5. An active subscriber is defined as an individual or agency who has entered our 12-month contract and paid their first invoice. 
  6. The credit is defined as the value of one month’s subscription for the new active referee’s subscription.  
  7. If a referral is not qualified or declines to continue, you will be notified via email as soon as reasonably possible.  
  8. Credit is not applicable for agencies that enter an active subscription after the 4-month period is expired 
  9. Credits are not redeemable for cash.  
  10. Inspection Manager reserves the right to substitute the credit for an alternative reward of equal or greater value. 

                  The terms & conditions of this program are subject to change at any time without notice. This program may be terminated, suspended, or modified at any time, at the discretion of Inspection Manager without notice.  

                  For any questions or concerns please email