Request Activation of Tenant Assisted Inspections on your Inspection Manager Account

For your office to have Tenant Assisted Inspections Activated, you will need to complete a few steps. Once you submit this form, one of our team will double check everything is in order and enable this for you. They will contact you back when it has been completed.

If you are NOT currently using Inspection Manager, please sign up on our website at 

Activation Steps

Step 1. Enable email on your office settings page (you'll need to have 'Office Manager' permissions to see this). Click Yes once completed.

Step 2. Add SPF records to your domain for our system. In order for our system to be able to send out emails to your landlords & tenants and not get marked as spam, your IT team will need to add SPF records to your domain name so the internet knows we have permission to send emails on your behalf. You can read more, including the instructions, at

Step 3. Submit the form to our team, and we will be in touch to activate Tenant Assisted Inspections, answer any questions & send through the training document. You can also download the training guide or watch our training video from our blog post

By submitting this form, your request will be added to our support ticketing system, and one of our technicians will contact you to complete the setup of your Tenant Assisted Inspections for Inspection Manager. Please note, that by filling in the boxes above, you are acknowledging that you are ready for the sync to be set up and are ready for one of our team to contact you. Our ticketing system will automatically close tickets where a client response is not received within 5 days, so please ensure you are prepared for our team to initiate this process.

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