IM User Guide:

How to use the PropertyMe Sync

The purpose of this guide is to explain how to schedule inspections in PropertyMe and sync them to Inspection Manager

Schedule an inspection in PropertyMe

Locate the property in PropertyMe & Click “Inspection”.

Complete the relevant fields for the inspection

Select the Inspection Type, Date, Time and assign a Property Manager. Then click “Schedule”.

(Note: The property manager’s name needs to match exactly with an Inspection Manager user’s name).

Use manual or auto sync to Inspection Manager

Once the Inspection is scheduled in PropertyMe, navigate to the PropertyMe tab in Inspection Manager CMS and then click the green “Sync Now” button to sycn the inspection right away.

Alternatively, you can allow the scheduled inspection to sync automatically via our daily overnight sync.

Select your preferred date range in sync settings

The sync can be applied to different date ranges – from 7 days in the past to 60 days into the future.

Only users with the “Office Manager” role can edit these date settings. You can review and assign the roles by editing users in the Users tab in Inspection Manager.

How to fix Properties not syncing

“Property Manager Coflicts” error message:

Properties will display with “Property Manager Conflicts” if the name of the Property Manager assigned to the inspection in PropertyMe does not match the name of a user in Inspection Manager exactly.

“Exceeded Plan Limit” error message:

Properties in the “Exceeded Plan Limit” section will not sync over until either properties that are no longer in the rent roll are deactivated bringing you under your property limit threshold or an upgrade is purchased to increase active property limit allowance.

“Invalid Data” error message:

Properties not syncing due to “Invalid Data” can be addressed by clicking “View List” to the right of this section and then correcting the issue highlighted in orange on the right of each property in PropertyMe.

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