Thank you for joining the webinar with IGT & Our Senior Trainer Rob!

We hope you enjoyed it and picked up on some handy tips to utilise in the future.

We thought we would share with you some of our notes from the session incase you missed out on some key take outs.
If you’d like to speak to Rob personally – perhaps you’ve got some questions, or even want a demo, feel free to shoot an email through and we can organise a more in depth conversation!

Here’s what we’ve included below…

Notes we took when performing inspections

Inspection Manager Tips & tricks

Top Tenant Tricks - What to be aware of

Property Space Digital Leases

Paperless Condition Reports

Highlights we took away when performing Inspections


Ensure you are sending an SMS to remind the tenant of inspection, together with a checklist of your expectations.

Messaging all individual tenants or occupants beforehand - don't rely on just one to pass the message on

Remind your tenant you will access with your own key if they aren't there

Leave written feedback and always thank the tenant if the inspection was positive

Follow-up with owners on any repairs reported - a well functioning property is protecting their investment and keeping a goo tenant on side

Make sure you have access to the ingoing inspection and photos to compare any changes

Being aware of any special conditions, especially if you don't have extensive history or raport with the particular property/tenant

Ensure keys are up to date & set is complete

Preparing for a vacate? Conduct a pre-vacate inspection or phone discussion to set the right expectations and ensure a smooth outgoing

Keeping Safe:

Ensure you are equipped with the correct shoes e.g. for access to outdoor gardens and keeping feet protected

Eat enough beforehand and bring snacks – keeps you energised and prevents fatigue

Being aware of your escape route and Do NOT ENTER if you feel uneasy or unsafe

Attend inspections in pairs for any properties where safety could be an issue

Ensure no ‘untrained’ people are going to routine inspections - Remember identifying issues at your routines is protecting your clients investment AND your business from potential litigation by identifying potential issues, well before they become big problems.

Keeping Safe:

Getting The Best Results:

Don't over book yourself on inspections - you do not want to rush them as it can lead to missed or overlooked crucial details

Take a power pack with you for your iPad – make sure it’s powered and you don't get caught short

Keep your trades on side - like the tenants, you want them to treat the property with repect and fix things properly and timely, it helps to ensure that the tradespeople are paid first, then the owner. Drawn out bills don't foster loyalty

Make sure you are inspecting all outdoor areas

Respect that this is the tenants' home – not 'just a rental property' - You want them to treat it as if it's their own, so it helps to make them feel the same way

Ensure that all areas are inspected

Don't go overboard - you don't need to get out the white gloves... you're looking for small things that could become much bigger issues.

Diarise and return to check re-inspection issues

Having a PM car kit to look after the little issues too big to leave for an incoming tenant, too small to hire a clear for

Make sure you book in geographic clusters

Do not drag out the bond refund process. Fast efficient communication on any outgoing issues will help to limit any frustrations that can build up with "the unknowns" such as what is required & when.

Check hoses, irrigation and sprinklers

Inspection Manager Tips & tricks

For our Inspection Manager users, there are a number of feature in our system that are deisgned to speed up common tasks you perform regularly – so to help dive a little deeper here, check out the following videos :

Last inspection Data (LID):

Last Inspection Data allows you to copy over the data from a previous inspection into a new inspection. Use it for comparative purposes (from the ingoing to an outgoing, or previous routine to current) or when you’ve just done the outgoing and need to convert it to the ingoing. 

Clone Inspection Feature

Utilise our Clone Inspection feature from an inspection on a different property, perfect for duplicate layouts (ie unit blocks) or new developments.

Useful features for Routine Inspections

Speed up your inspection time & produce comprehensive reports using Predictive Phrases, Talk to text, video feature, property layout editing, quick capture and tagged comments on photos.

Edit inspection Report in CMS

Once you’ve synced you inspection to the CMS, Utilise our dynamic editing features for online editing to your reports, creating greater efficiency by uploading additional photos online, adding comments (checking for those pesky typos) or highlighting those REALLY important parts.

Bulk Close & Send Routine Inspections

Bulk close and send routine inspections without the hassle of individually closing & signing each inspection plus selecting the tenant.

Not Using Inspection Manager?

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Top Tenant tricks

Hiding holes and damage by moving furniture, adding rugs, or hanging new pictures or posters

Not making rooms accessible e.g. doors padlocked or someone is always "sleeping"

Using the property as an Airbnb or multi-let - look for tell tale signs

Look out for drug warning signs – drug implements and other signs

Making outside areas inaccessible

DIY carpet cleaning (not hiring a professional) - arguing the carpets don’t need cleaning - check your applicable legislation & the lease terms

Look out for unsafe/dodgy repairs

Look out for cover-ups: griller lined with alfoil, venetian blinds closed, curtain/netting tied up, shelves flipped upside down

Look for piles of lawn clippings (great disguises), dog droppings left behind

Hiding their pets in cars, or at pet daycare, or "it's the neighbours/my parents/my friends, it's just visiting"

Leaving things for the next tenant on the basis they might "need" it

"Spending the bond" deposit on rent or cleaning

Tenant is not taking responsibility - make a point of why you need to be immediately informed of maintenance issues.


Paperless Conditions Reports

We have been hard at work building a completely paperless solution for your property condition reports and are proud to announce that it is now available for use.

Sign and send

Now you can complete, sign and send your ingoing condition report direct from your mobile device and have your tenants complete an easy, guided, digital condition report that’s automatically returned to you when they sign off from their device


Branded, guided digital reports

Best of all, the tenant’s experience is completely custom branded and white labelled, so your brand is always front and center, building trust between your business and the tenant from the first interaction with the platform.

Reports automatically returned

We send reminders to tenants when their condition report is due back. If the tenant does not complete it within the allotted time, we will automatically close the report off in the CMS and send a final copy of the report to both you and the tenant.


Tenant Assisted Inspections

Your routine inspections don’t have to stop with COVID-19


Use your brand

Customise your Tenant Assisted Inspections with your agency logo and colour. We have added this feature so you can build trust with your tenants by letting them feel as if they are interacting directly with you.

COVID-19 Safe

With our Tenant Assisted Inspections feature, you can show landlords and tenants that you are still being proactive in your role as a property manager. You will be able to meet their needs and keep yourself, them and everyone around you safe from unnecessary exposure. 

Perform inspections at any time

When conducting an in-person routine inspection may not be convenient or necessary For example, if you are on leave and cannot find someone to cover for you, scheduled routine inspections can still be done on time with the help of our Tenant Assisted Inspections feature 

Make the most of our Integration with Property Space! 

Use Property Space Leases today and extend your paperless capabilities!