What is the Monthly Cost for having (for the privilege of using) Inspection Manager?

If you could double or triple your productivity in inspecting properties through Inspection Manager App, wouldn’t you instantly buy it?

The monthly cost of enjoying the extensive features of Inspection Manager is based on your property portfolio size. A range of payment plans are customized to manager who sell at least 20 properties up to a hundred, 500, a thousand, and so on. If you are managing a hundred or less properties, the monthly payment starts at $59.95. This goes up in small increments as the size of your portfolio increases.

We have estimated that for every 100 properties, there are two managers on board so we currently provide only two user logins. We can have additional properties in hundred property blocks or additional users per app for an additional fee of $10 every month.

However, we structured our plans according to the profiles of our current clients and the market. Based on our research in terms of number of properties, not a lot of people need to take the additional user requirement. Although price is an important factor in any purchase, asking the right questions is equally a critical aspect of all buying decisions. Hence, consider asking yourself:

  • How much time can I save using Inspection Manager in my day to day operation?
  • What’s an hour of my time is worth and how can I be more productive within this hour?

When you spend less time on recording property data and typing reports, you allow more time on other more productive tasks such as getting more properties in your portfolio, getting more clients, or finishing more field inspections. All activities will obviously churn out more profits, which is likely your business’ top priority. Each time you turn in a timely, accurate, and professional inspection report, you earn your client’s trust and respect – which might bring more clients. If you value your staff’s time- whether he is an admin assistant typing inspection reports or a sales agent recording property inspections- you will do your best to reduce, if not take out, unnecessary or unproductive tasks on their daily to-do list.

Enjoy the privilege and convenience of using Inspection manager at a fair price while you justly charge higher fees to your customers for your first-rate output and impeccable customer service.

If you wish to know more about Inspection Manager before you make the crucial purchasing decision, check out our blog post about the key points to consider when shopping for property inspection software.

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